As assistant headteachers, our role is to support the headteacher in the day-to-day running of the school, ensuring that it meets the needs of all learners and staff.

We are highly dedicated to the profession and use our experience and expertise to motivate staff and promote professional development. As members of the senior leadership team, we share a number of responsibilities with deputy headteachers. 

In most settings, we also fulfil the role of a class teacher. We carry out both roles with the needs of the learners at the forefront of the decisions we make, encouraging positive behaviour and well-being and ensuring all learners have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Within our role we promote positive relationships with staff, learners, parents, carers and the wider school community to address any issues and ensure we always strive to achieve the best possible outcomes.


An assistant headteacher must hold Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) through initial teacher education (ITE) and successfully complete induction. They may also seek to obtain further qualifications in leadership and management to assist them in the role.

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  • encouraging, motivating and inspiring pupils and staff 
  • an excellent communicator 
  • patient and able to use discretion 
  • an effective organiser and planner 
  • engaging in research 
  • able to work effectively under pressure
  • an effective leader and manager 
  • demonstrate the professional standards for teaching and leadership 
The salary you can expect
The salary outlined below is intended as a guide.
Salary range: