We are role models and supporters of all learners, and we are committed to equipping all young people with the knowledge and skills to be lifelong learners. 

As part of the school workforce, we can work in a wide range of settings including nursery schools (3-4), infant schools (3-7), junior schools (7-11), primary schools (3-11),  secondary schools (11-16), through schools (3-19), sixth form (16-19), special schools (3-19), Welsh-medium schools, bilingual schools, independent schools and pupil referral units (PRU) (3-16). 

We support learners to become independent individuals, bursting with enthusiasm, skills and ambition. 

Our jobs offer diversity and personal rewards through the impact of our roles. Together, we inspire and motivate learners of all ages, preparing them to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of their communities. 



As teachers, our role is to ignite a passion for learning and support learners in achieving their goals and ambitions.

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As learning support workers, we support teachers in primary, secondary and Additional Learning Needs (ALN) schools to deliver the best possible outcomes for all learners.

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We lead schools to create the best environment for learners to discover new skills and succeed safely at all ages and key stages.

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As supply staff, we ensure that learning in schools across Wales is able to continue every single day without disruption by covering staff absences on a day-to-day or long-term basis.

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Emma (PGCE Secondary Drama) and Tom (PGCE Secondary Music) from Cardiff Metropolitan University muse about the joys of working with student teachers, the expressive arts, and teaching in general. Expect deep discussions, wellbeing tips, celebrations and more...

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Daniel Williams
Supply Teacher
"One of my favourite times of the day is giving out the Star of the Day certificate. You can tell that it means so much to these kids – they put in so much effort and hard work so that they can see their name on the certificate. When I see their little face light up and smile when they’ve been chosen as Star of the Day, it makes me feel so inspired."
Russell Ware
Design & Technology Teacher and House Leader
"For me, becoming a D.T teacher was a no-brainer – it was something I enjoyed at school. From my perspective, if you become a High School teacher, you need to be a professional and passionate about your subject. If you enjoy what you’re teaching, then you’re going to have that interest and that knowledge to help move pupils forward and make progress, which is what teaching is all about! That’s what got me through the door in terms of knowing I was going to be doing something that I enjoyed. It’s important because if you’ve got a job you enjoy, you’re winning, already aren’t you?"
Seren Hâf Macmillan
Welsh Teacher
During my first parents evening on the job, I received praise and thanks from the parents of one of my year seven pupils. In my lessons, I’d incorporated Welsh music and popular culture, which inspired the pupil to immerse themselves with Welsh culture in all aspects of their life, through watching S4C, listening to Welsh bands and getting involved with the Eisteddfod. It was a great feeling to receive such compliments, especially so early on in my career. Now that pupil has blossomed, and they have such a passion and interest in Welsh as a subject. That moment is definitely a highlight of my career.