We are the leaders in our chosen fields, sharing our knowledge and experience to inspire the next generation of employees. We equip learners with the tools they need to build a foundation of understanding, passion, and skills, no matter their chosen pathway.

Our hands-on, pens-down approach to learning combines theory with practice, encouraging learners to be creative, take initiative and become valuable members of the workforce. From vocational and employability skills to apprenticeships, we take our learners on a journey beyond the four walls of the classroom and into the workplace to achieve the best possible outcomes for their future.

Are you interested in learning more about the different roles that exist across work-based learning in Wales? Perhaps you are looking for information about the skills and qualifications that you might need to embark upon (or develop) a career within the sector? If so, you’re in the right place.

Below we provide a flavour of some of the exciting roles within the post-16 sector, giving you an indication of the duties and responsibilities involved, and what it’s like to work in these roles.


We provide learners with valuable support, assessment and teaching and learning experiences so they can achieve the qualifications they need to follow their dreams.

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We support learners by encouraging full participation in learning, promoting independence and helping learners unlock their full potential.

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We are highly innovative and experienced in employer engagement and we understand the strategic needs of the Welsh workforce within our chosen area. We put our passion into practice by promoting high expectations for both staff and students in all aspects of work-based learning.

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Covering a diverse range of roles, we provide comprehensive support in our relevant areas.

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Ffion Evans
National Apprenticeship Coordinator
"One of my students inspires me because she is always asking to do more. She is so eager to learn and try new things - always asking questions and wanting to get stuck in and do more activities. Her passion for learning and widening her knowledge has really inspired me to be more open and broaden my horizons."