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About us

PeoplePlus is a leading public service provider with years of experience. We help thousands of people each year and our mission is to make a direct difference to the lives of 1 million people by 2022. We deliver skills and training through a variety of programmes including Traineeships, Apprenticeships, TRAC, ADTRAC and the Government’s Kickstart scheme, to ensure people can access the right employment and enhance their career prospects.


We have been successfully delivering the Welsh Governments Traineeship Programme for 16-19 year olds ensuring that our delivery focuses on the development and employment needs of a wide variety of young people. The young people that we work with are from a wide range of backgrounds including those that are from diverse backgrounds.

During the programme each learner will be allocated a Programme Mentor who will support them, with regular contact throughout their journey. Learners will also have access to the Skillzminer app. This innovative piece of technology can help learners to understand what roles they are suited to according to the individual skills they possess. It also has the technology to be able to search for relevant jobs within a selected area taking the hard work out of job searching.

This training programme provides the necessary skills to enable young people to progress onto further learning, an apprenticeship or employment in the future.


Here at PeoplePlus we are experts in Apprenticeships with years of experience. Our apprenticeships are available to anyone who is employed and over the age of 16, including those with a disability, health condition or learning difficulty.

Apprenticeships are work-based qualifications that usually last between 12 and 24 months. There are many benefits to doing an Apprenticeship for the learner which include:

•            Earning a wage whilst they learn

•            Boosting their CV with a recognised qualification, as well as gaining work experience

Our Apprenticeships offer a full suite of qualifications from level 2 to level 5 and can be tailored to suit your needs. Apprenticeships can be used to upskill and train existing employees or to recruit new Apprentices into a business.


TRAC is a project across the six counties of North Wales. It aims to prevent vulnerable children and young people between 11 and 16 years old from disengaging in education and by doing so reduce the likelihood they are inactive and unemployed in the future.

PeoplePlus deliver Employability Skills Level 1 & 2 qualifications to Year 7 to Year 11 learners in many of the North Wales Counties. We have also facilitated work placements for these learners, enabling them to gain up to date work experience within their chosen sector.


ADTRAC supports unemployed 16-24-year-olds develop work-ready skills and gain the confidence to progress into work, education or training.

ADTRAC is available to anybody who meet the following criteria:

•            Aged 16-24 and not in education, training, or employment.

•            Living in North Wales (and not residing in a Communities First Area);

•            Experience barriers which prevent you from progressing into either education, employment or training.

PeoplePlus deliver Employability related courses Level 1 & Level 2 to customers across North Wales authorities. Examples of courses we have delivered include Customer Service Skills, Construction Health and Safety Level 1, Employability Work Ready Skills including confidence and motivation building, Basic Food Hygiene and First Aid.


The Kickstart Scheme provides funding to employers to create new 6-month job placements for young people who are currently on Universal Credit and at risk of long-term unemployment. PeoplePlus can work with employers to get maximum benefit from the scheme.

KickStart is for employers of all sizes who want to bring more young people, who are aged between 16-24, into their workforce through job placements. Funding is available to do this, and more detailed information can be found below. To access the funding, the placements must be new opportunities for a minimum of 25 hours a week, for 6 months. For each job placement employers must help the young person become more employable, this can include support such as looking for long-term work, career advice, goal setting, support with a CV as well as developing their skills in the workplace. PeoplePlus can support employers with all of these requirements.

The Government has offered two routes to access the funding: A route for employers wishing to take on 30+ KickStart placements – for employers wishing to do this, PeoplePlus can work with employers to support their applications, as well as designing and delivering the training. Employers can find out how to apply on the Government website.

A route for employers wishing to take on less than 30 KickStart placements – any employer wishing to do this can choose PeoplePlus as their ‘Gateway Provider’. A Gateway Provider co-ordinates the application on behalf of a number of employers.

This is how the funding works: 100% of the relevant National Minimum age-related wage for 25 hours a week is paid monthly, in arrears, (employers can top this up) including National Insurance and Pension contributions.

A one off £1,500 per job placement payment to be put towards setup costs, support and training. Payment will be made following a confirmed start notification from the employer, and verification from HMRC that the Kickstarter has been entered onto the payroll.

Where employers wish to take on less than 30 young people, a one off £300 payment will be made to authorised Gateway providers.

For employers wishing to take on less than 30 placements, PeoplePlus can become a Gateway Provider; coordinating your placements. For employers wishing to take on ANY number of placements we can also help employers access additional funding, on top of KickStart funding, for participants to help them prior to, during and after their KickStart placement; providing them with key employability and work related training – which is a key part of the KickStart initiative that enables a young person to become more employable.

Here are some examples of how PeoplePlus can help employers access additional funding and training: DURING KickStart Placement – By using a proportion of the £1500pp funding you can have access to hundreds of online e-learning essential training courses. These include; Health & Safety, Compliance, and everyday performance essentials. You can also access our Employability Virtual Coaching tool which is an innovative AI programme that supports a learner’s journey and tailors training just for them. We can also deliver two week employability courses across a range of topics, in a workplace, to give employees that extra development opportunity – and qualification.

PRE KickStart Placement – PeoplePlus can deliver a short pre-employment session to all KickStarters, getting them motivated and raring to go in their new KickStart placement. Key employability techniques such as teamwork, time management and confidence building will be included.

POST KickStart Placement – If an employer is unable to make the placement into a full-time position after 6 months, or if the young person wishes to work elsewhere, we have a large network of employers through our ‘Social Recruitment Service’ which we can match the young person up with.