• Location: Ysgol Friars, Bangor,
  • Subject:
  • Contract: Permanent
  • Salary Type: Annual
  • Salary Range: £10,000.00 - £15,000.00
  • Language: Welsh
  • Closing Date: 09 April, 2024 12:00 AM

This job application date has now expired.

Head Teacher - Ysgol Friars - Bangor

Head Teacher - Ysgol Friars - Bangor

Gwynedd Council
Job Advertisement



(Age Range 11 - 18: 1421 pupils)


Wanted: for the 1 st of September 2024


School Group: 7

Pay Range: L32 - L38

Salary: £102,836 - £119,117

Ysgol Friars aim to deliver the best quality education and to excel in all aspects of its activities. A bilingual education program is promoted and the school's ethos and administration reflect that.

It is expected that applicants for this post display the following attributes:
  • Is a strong, firm and enthusiastic leader.
  • Has excellent management skills.
  • Has the skills to motivate and inspire the school's pupils.
  • Fully committed to the Welsh ethos of the school and to fully bilingual education of the highest quality.
  • Possesses the NPQH qualification by the posts start date or is already in a permanent position as a Headteacher.
  • Committed to the continuous success of the school and possess the ability to motivate staff and pupils.

For any further information/an informal chat, please contact Mr Gwyn Tudur, Secondary Education Assistant Head on (01286 679958).

For any further information regarding the school, please contact Angharad Davies, Ysgol Friars School Business Manager (01248 363680).

The ability to communicate through Welsh and English is essential for this post. The school operates in accordance with its Language Policy. All applicants must possess the language level that's noted in the Person Specification.

We encourage every applicant that applies for a post with the Council to present their application in Welsh or bilingually. (Applications that are submitted monolingually in Welsh or English will be treated equally, but applicants are asked to carefully consider the posts and establishments language).

Applications for this post can be submitted online via Cyngor Gwynedd website. But if you wish to return the application form by e-mail, it should be returned to Louise Jones (Clerk of the Appointments Panel) by the closing date.

CLOSING DATE 12:00, 09/04/2024

The Council will require a Disclosure and Barring Service certificate and confirmation of registration with the Education Workforce Council for the successful applicant before they can start at the school.

This authority is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Linc i Pecyn Pennaeth Link to Headteacher Pack

Person Specification


Job Title



  • Enthusiastic and dedicated.
  • First-rate interpersonal skills.
  • Committed to continuous improvement.
  • The ability to:
  • inspire, motivate and set a challenge for others.
  • incorporate the school's vision.
  • work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • relate well with children and protect their individual rights.
  • display emotional intelligence and dynamic relevancy skills.
  • demand the attention of various audiences.
  • Committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.

  • Honours Degree.
  • Qualified teacher status
  • NPQH or relevant recent/current experience of being a Headteacher.
  • Evidence of relevant continuous professional developments.

  • Higher degree or equivalent qualification.


  • Relevant experience as a Headteacher, Deputy Head or member of a Leadership and Management Team at school.
  • Evidence of

-regular and relevant leadership and effective management.

-working effectively with governors.
  • Experience of

-developing whole school strategies in key fields such as teaching and learning and/or welfare and inclusion

-establishing and building partnerships with parents, the community and with other partners.

  • Possess
  • a knowledge of modern developments in education, both locally and nationally
  • a clear understanding of learning principles of quality, teaching and assessing in the secondary sector
  • a firm understanding of school improvement processes
  • firm information of implementation strategies that ensure high standards of behaviour and attendance
- an ability to prepare strategies to ensure social, diversity and access inclusion.

  • good information of the role of the governing body and an ability to implement continuous improvement and accountability strategies.
  • good information of the wider curriculum beyond the school and the opportunities for the school pupils and community.
  • an inclusive attitude and the skills to ensure the success of every pupil to reach his/her full potential.
  • Demonstrate personal enthusiasm towards the use of the Welsh language/Welsh Curriculum at the school.
  • Understand the requirements of strategic financial planning, budgetary control and best value principles.


  • Skills in standard written Welsh and English; both formal and informal.
  • Present written information confidently by letter, more detailed and technical report formats, and respond to written requests conveying information, ideas and opinions in Welsh and English (a language checking service is available).
  • Able to

-follow a conversation or discussion through the medium of Welsh and English on a professional level and discuss general day to day topics in the field in order to present information and express opinions.

-give a pre-prepared presentation and respond to any comments and

questions on it in Welsh or English.

-gather information from various sources such as letters, reports,

articles through the medium of Welsh and English in order to fulfil the


Those attributes expected of the post-holder should be described. These will be used as criteria when assessing each applicant.

Job Description

Job Description: Headteacher

Salary Grade: Leadership Pay Range (L32 - L38)

Overall Job Purpose:

To lead and promote the internal organisation and management of the school and to provide a first-class education for all pupils. Carry out the professional responsibilities and duties of a Headteacher subject to teachers' current conditions of employment as contained in the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document, the School Standards and Framework Act 1998, the minimum standards for Qualified Teacher Status and other current legislation.

General: To comply with the local authority's Corporate Safeguarding Policy and the safeguarding duties and responsibilities which that policy places on every employee, aligning with the core values of the Authority which includes supporting children, adults who may be at risk and their families to keep them safe and healthy.

Main Duties / Responsibilities:


  • Provide strategic leadership and develop and support the strategic direction, vision, values and priorities of the school.
  • Lead by example and provide inspiration and motivation for the school community.
  • Generate the vision, ethos and policies for the school that promote high standards of achievement and meet equality objectives.
  • Create and implement a strategic development plan, underpinned by sound financial planning, within a local and national context, which identifies priorities and targets for ensuring that pupils achieve high standards and that the teaching is effective.
  • Support and motivate all staff to achieve priorities and targets set by the school for itself.
  • Ensure that the management of the school, including finance and administration, supports the school's policies, vision and objectives.
  • Monitor and review all aspects of achievement, priorities, targets, and policy and take action as necessary.


  • Create an environment that ensures effective learning across the National Curriculum and to promote high standards of achievement, behaviour, and discipline.
  • Determine and organize the curriculum and monitor and evaluate its effectiveness.
  • Monitoring the quality of teaching and pupil attainment including analysis of performance data.
  • Develop links and effective partnerships with parents, other schools, educational institutions, and the wider community, including business and industry, to enhance teaching and learning and pupils' personal development.
  • Contribute, as appropriate, to the teaching at the school.


  • Develop positive working relationships with and between all staff and governors.
  • Implement and maintain effective strategies for the management of all staff;
  • Plan, appraise and support the work of staff groups, delegate appropriately and clearly evaluate outcomes
  • Enable staff to develop their role by identifying development needs, ensuring an effective programme of entry into continuing professional development.
  • Enable performance management systems to operate effectively and address appraisal requirements


  • Work with governors and colleagues to recruit suitably qualified staff.
  • Ensure that all staff and governors understand their respective roles and responsibilities; 3. Deploy and develop staff to make the most effective use of their skills, expertise, and experience and to ensure the effective management of the school in the absence of the Headteacher.
  • Manage and organize the use of school accommodation effectively and efficiently.
  • Manage and organize groups to ensure effective learning and teaching and that children's personal development needs are met.
  • Establish spending priorities and monitor the effectiveness of expenditure within the LEA's financial regulations.
  • Monitor the use of resources to deliver value for money, within the financial context of the school.


  • Provide the Board of Governors with information and advice so that it can meet its responsibility to ensure proper accountability throughout the school.
  • Ensure that the financial accounts are maintained in accordance with the LEA's financial regulations and that the Governing Body is effectively informed to enable them to make appropriate decisions and be accountable.
  • Create an ethos where all staff acknowledge their accountability.
  • Give account for the school's performance to internal and external agencies through analysis of performance data and relevant reports; use such analysis to inform planning at all levels.
  • Provide parents, the community, and other interested parties with relevant information on all aspects of the school.
  • Ensure that the school meets the legal requirements of equal opportunities legislation and that the school operates within the spirit of the law as well as to the letter of the law.
  • Ensure that the school complies with statutory requirements in relation to education and other relevant legislation.

  • Encourage and address cooperation between all interested parties including the LEA.
  • Encourage and address collaboration with other schools.
  • Encourage and address the sharing of good practice.
  • Develop strategies to encourage parents and carers to support their children's learning.
  • Ensure that the school plays a central role in the community.