• Location: Caernarfon,
  • Subject:
  • Contract: Temporary
  • Salary Type: Annual
  • Salary Range: £25,000.00 - £30,000.00
  • Language: Welsh
  • Closing Date: 09 May, 2024 12:00 AM

This job application date has now expired.

Statementing and Individual Development Plans Support Officer

Statementing and Individual Development Plans Support Officer

Gwynedd Council
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Gwynedd Council operates internally through the medium of Welsh, and offers all its services bilingually. The applicant will be required to reach the linguistic level noted as one of the essential skills in the Person Specification.

We encourage everyone who applies for a job with Gwynedd Council to submit job applications in Welsh or bilingually.

( Applications submitted in English only or Welsh only will always be treated equally, but we ask applicants to consider carefully what the linguistic requirements of the job in question is and if it would be more appropriate to submit an application in Welsh.)

Hybrid working between office and home

For further information about this post please contact Owen Wiliams on 01286 679007 or via e-mail:

Secondments will be considered for this post

Application forms and further details available from, Support Service, Gwynedd Council, Council Offices, Caernarfon, LL55 1SH

Tel: 01286 679076


CLOSING DATE: 10.00 AM, 09/05/2024

If you are successful to be short listed for an interview you will be contacted by E-MAIL using the address provided on your application form. You need to ensure that you check your email regularly.

Person Specification
Personal attributesEssential
A person who is able to communicate with a range of internal officers, Members, external officers, schools and parents.

A person who is able to give attention to detail.

A person who is able to prioritize work as necessary, show initiative and meet specific deadlines.

Ability to work under pressure and as part of a team.

Ability to work and mix easily with people.

Ability to deal with people confidently, calmly and courteously.

A flexible approach with the ability to work alone.

High awareness of the importance of data protection

Enthusiasm and perseverance
Qualifications and relevant trainingEssential
Equivalent to NVQ2 in administration

Evidence of continuing professional and personal development

Good linguistic, presenting information and communication skills
Equivalent to NVQ3 in administration

IT qualification

Data protection
Relevant experienceEssential
Experience of:

working in the education field

working with different agencies / groups from every sector

minute-taking in meetings

establishing administrative systems

using information management systems such as ONE

working in a busy office
Experience of:

Advising and providing guidance on matters concerning the ALN and Inclusion field
Skills and specialist knowledgeEssential
Knowledge regarding the recent developments in the ALN and Inclusion field

Ability to analyse information and produce reports

Strong minute-taking skills

Excellent customer care skills

Excellent oral and written communication skills when dealing with people, respecting the need for confidentiality

Able to use a computer together with knowledge of Microsoft Office packages e.g. Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Organizational and prioritizing skills

Ability to work independently without supervision

Ability to work to tight deadlines

Use of a car and full current driving license
Language requirementsListening and Speaking - Higher
Able to follow a conversation or discussion through the medium of Welsh and English on a professional level and discuss general day to day topics in the field in order to present information and express opinions.
Reading and Understanding - Higher
Able to understand standard written Welsh and English; both formal and informal.
Writing - Higher
Present written information confidently by letter, more detailed and technical report formats, and respond to written requests conveying information, ideas and opinion in Welsh and English (help is available to check the work).

Job Description
Purpose of the post
  • Ensure that the children and young people of Gwynedd and Anglesey are central to everything we do. ⁠ ⁠
  • Implement the administrative arrangement for children's cases that are being statutorily assessed or who are the subject of a Special Educational Needs (SEN) Statement on behalf of Cyngor Gwynedd and Isle of Anglesey Council.
  • Implement the administrative arrangements for Individual Development Plans / Authority Individual Development Plan / Statutory-Authority Individual Development Plan for the pupils that would historically⁠ have been the subject to a Special Educational Needs (SEA) Statement on behalf of Cyngor Gwynedd and Anglesey Council. Also Individual Development Plans from the ALN&I Forums on behalf of Cyngor Gwynedd and Anglesey Council. ⁠ ⁠⁠
  • Be part of an administrative team which ensures that the ALN&I Services receive high quality administrative support.
Responsibility for functions
• Laptop
Main duties
  • Responsible for supporting and administering the process of considering Statutory Assessments (as defined by the ALN Code of Conduct for Wales) within a specific timescale, by contacting and asking for contributions from parents, schools, Field Officers, Departments, and other Agencies, and collating all the reports, advice and information. ⁠
  • Close collaboration with the Statements Officer to ensure that the processes are achieved and completed in accordance with the relevant legislations and the ALN Code of Practice for Wales. ⁠
  • ⁠Close collaboration with the Quality Officers to ensure that the processes are achieved and completed in accordance with the relevant legislations and the ALN Code of Practice for Wales.
  • Responsible for allocating, arranging and prioritising work in accordance with the guidelines agreed upon. ⁠
  • Collate information and closely collaborate with the Service Manager to create a package for Tribunals at the Service Manager's request. ⁠
  • Inform the Officers and relevant agencies on any changes in the educational placements' arrangements / provisions. ⁠
  • Receive applications in accordance with the statement and individual development plans applications' checklist. ⁠
  • Responsible for supporting and administrating the process of Individual Development Plans in accordance with the agreed procedure. ⁠ ⁠
  • Collaborate with schools and each of the relevant stakeholders to adhere to the agreed procedures. ⁠ This can involve contact by telephone, e-mail or letter to ensure that the procedures are followed.
  • Ensure consistency when implementing and data consistency.
  • Collaborate closely with the ALN Data Officer.
  • Responsible for correctly inputting data into the authority database. ⁠
  • Maintain every record, by monitoring responses to the applications for submissions (in accordance with the procedures), and take appropriate action as required to remind agencies to submit information / reports.
  • Assist with running prepared reports of the authorities' Systems.
  • Input and store additional information that has been checked on the IDP system and iGwynedd. ⁠ Supervise the filing process and keep the office's electronic information and ensure that they are up to date and effective.
  • Responsible for ensuring accuracy of inputting and inform the decisions of the Moderation Panels and Area Forums in accordance with the agreed arrangement. ⁠ ⁠
  • Responsible for ensuring accuracy of inputting provision in accordance with the decision of the Moderation Panel by the Finance Administration Officer and members of the Moderation Panel and Area Forums. ⁠
  • Arrange forums and / or panels in collaboration with the ALN&I Quality Officers and the ALN&I Senior Manager by ensuring suitable locations and inviting relevant stakeholders. ⁠
  • Responsible of recording and attending an ALN&I Forum alongside Quality Officers, Specialist Teachers, and Senior ALN&I Manager. ⁠
  • Responsible for arranging and recording, at the request of the Quality Officers, case meetings with parents or stakeholders. ⁠
  • Collaborate with the Finance Administrative Officer to ensure that the information about any changes to the provision are administrated and recorded in accordance with the procedure and to ensure the accuracy of data and to reduce any possible duplication. ⁠
  • Produce reports in relation with pupils' assessments. Duplication from the above point. ⁠
  • Responsible for administering, through consistent and effective use of information technology by collaborating with the data unit to overcome possible problems involved with the use of the ONE system. ⁠
  • Administrate a joint communication procedure with the Statements and IDP Officer, ALN&I Quality Officers, the ALN&I Finance Administration Officer, and the Early Years Coordinator. ⁠ This will include contacting parents, schools, and relative agencies.
  • Administrate the process of transport applications. ⁠
  • Receive and respond to day-to-day enquiries about procedures relating to statements of individual development plans; referring them to the attention of relevant officers as appropriate. ⁠Respond to schools' requests and to general requests from the public and others regarding information and refer them to the relevant officer or providers.
  • Act as the first point of contact for enquiries from parents, schools and agencies on the forums and panels processes. ⁠
  • Deal in a courteous way with parents who are concerned and dissatisfied, by responding with empathy to enquiries that are of a highly sensitive and emotional nature. Ensure that the relevant staff/officer responds to any enquiry that cannot be resolved quickly, by keeping a record of such calls. ⁠ ⁠ ⁠
  • Administrate an effective process of transferring information about the pupils' needs and provision when they move in or out of Anglesey or Gwynedd. ⁠ Update the ONE system.
  • Act as a first point of contact for the sale of tests and other educational resources created by staff in the ALN&I Department, by arranging to distribute, invoice and pay for them. ⁠ Make arrangements with the Council's Print room to produce more resources.
  • Responsible for processing highly confidential work, ensuring that the sensitive and confidential information is respected and managed appropriately following the Data Protection Act rules. ⁠
  • Contact other Education Authorities to arrange transferring pupils' files as they move in and out of the County. ⁠Update the CAPITA-ONE database with all the appropriate information about pupils with a Statement of ALN.
  • Any other appropriate duties at the request of the Senior Officer, which may include advising and mentoring new staff and less experienced staff. ⁠Provide initial training and continuous advice to the members of the administrative team.
  • Attend training courses and other CPD activities arranged. ⁠ The above duties mean gaining access to confidential information, which come under the requirements of the Data Protection Act. In these cases, strict confidentiality must be ensured.
  • Responsible for reporting any concern or suspicion that a child or vulnerable adult is being abused.

  • Responsible for self-development. ⁠
  • Ensure compliance with Health and Safety rules in the workplace in accordance with the responsibilities noted in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Council's Health and Safety Policy. ⁠
  • Operate within the Council's policies in relation to equal opportunities and equality. ⁠
  • Responsibility for managing information in accordance with the Council's information management standards and guidelines. ⁠ Ensure that personal information is treated in accordance with Data Protection legislation.
  • Commitment to reducing the Council's carbon emissions in accordance with the Carbon Management Plan, and to encourage others to act positively towards reducing the Council's Carbon Footprint; ⁠

Undertake any other reasonable duty which corresponds to the salary and responsibility level of the post. ⁠
Special circumstances
Mental requirements

The ability to follow difficult processes and steps in accordance with the procedures in a statutory legislation or the Code of Practice.
⁠Able to work under pressure, to achieve statutory deadlines.
Need perseverance to contact and remind agencies to submit responses (due to the statutory deadlines).
Respond to critical phone calls and sensitive enquiries, from several stakeholders (including parents, school headteachers, Social Services, Health Board etc.)
The need to prioritise work, and deal with many cases at the same time.
The 'responsibility' of not disclosing and protecting confidentiality of information in some cases (such as details and the location of fostered children)

Emotional requirements

The ability to deal courteously and patiently with parents who are unsatisfied with the procedure or the decision of the Moderation Panel.
⁠If possible, reason and persuade parents of the decisions of the Moderation Panel.
Cope with side effects of the critical phone calls, which can be personal at times.
The emotional nature of working in a field relating to the intensive needs of vulnerable pupils and young people.

Special Circumstances

From time to time, it is possible for the post holder to be asked to work unsociable hours, special working arrangements etc.