• Location: Gwynedd,
  • Contract: Temporary
  • Salary Type: Annual
  • Salary Range: £20,000.00 - £25,000.00
  • Language: Welsh
  • Closing Date: 14 June, 2024 12:00 AM

This job application date has now expired.

Inclusion Officer x3

Gwynedd Council

Salary: GBP 21,611.00 - 23,532.00 per year

Job Advertisement

Inclusion Officer Gwynedd Education Hubs

(Temporary position for one year in the first place)

Applications are invited from dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who are ready to be part of the Inclusion Service and to work in the Education Department's Inclusion Hubs which provide inclusive education for a small number of Yr 9-11 pupils within the County

We welcome inquiries/applications from potential candidates who have a genuine interest in inclusion and ensuring the best possible opportunity for all young individuals to succeed.

Working hours: 35 hours per week, 40 weeks per year.

Gwynedd Council offers an attractive employment package, for more information please click on this Information Pack

Gwynedd Council operates internally through the medium of Welsh, and offers all its services bilingually. The applicant will be required to reach the linguistic level noted as one of the essential skills in the Person Specification.

We encourage everyone who applies for a job with Gwynedd Council to submit job applications in Welsh or bilingually.
(Applications submitted in English only or Welsh only will always be treated equally, but we ask applicants to consider carefully what the linguistic requirements of the job in question is and if it would be more appropriate to submit an application in Welsh.)

For further information about this post please contact Ellen Rowlands on 01286 679007

Interviews date to be confirmed

Application forms and further details available from, Support Service, Gwynedd Council, Council Offices, Caernarfon, LL55 1SH
Tel: 01286 679076

CLOSING DATE: 14/06/2024

If you are successful to be short listed for an interview you will be contacted by E-MAIL using the address provided on your application form. You need to ensure that you check your email regularly.

Person Specification
Personal attributesEssential
Ability to work and mix easily with people. Ability to deal with people confidently, calmly, and courteously.

Ability to work under pressure and as part of a team.

A flexible approach with the ability to work alone.

A neat and organized person who can prioritize work as necessary and show initiative.

The ability to present accurate and tidy work regularly.

Ability to present ideas and strategies to co-workers confident
Qualifications and relevant trainingEssentialExcellent numeracy / literacy skills - equivalent to NVQ Level 2 in Welsh, English and Mathematics.Meet Higher Level Teaching Assistant standards or equivalent qualification or experience.
Training in relevant strategies.
Appropriate first aid training
Relevant experienceEssential
Experience of working with vulnerable groups of children and young people

Experience of working with pupils with additional needs.

Experience of working with children in a learning environment of appropriate age.

Experience of working with pupils with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties.
Skills and specialist knowledgeEssential
Full working knowledge of policies / code of practice / relevant legislation.

Working knowledge of National Curriculum and other relevant learning programs.

Understand the principles of child development and the learning process and, in particular, barriers to learning.

Ability to plan efficiently for pupils in danger of underachieving.

Understand a range of services / maintenance providers.

Ability to self-evaluate learning needs and seek opportunities for learning.

Ability to relate well to children and adults.

Work constructively and flexibly as part of a team, understanding classroom roles and responsibilities and your position within yourself those.

Can use ICT effectively to support learning.

Understanding of statutory frameworks relating to teaching.

Aware of Gwynedd and Anglesey's SEN and Inclusion Strategy

An understanding of the SEN legislation and the Code of Practice

Understanding of Person-Centered Mechanisms

Understanding of Individual Development Plans
Language requirementsListening and Speaking - Higher
Able to follow a conversation or discussion through the medium of Welsh and English on a professional level and discuss general day to day topics in the field in order to present information and express opinions.Able to give a pre-prepared presentation and respond to any comments and questions on it in Welsh or English.
Reading and Understanding - Higher
Able to understand standard written Welsh and English; both formal and informal.Able to gather information from various sources such as letters, reports, articles through the medium of Welsh and English in order to fulfil the post.
Writing - Higher
Present written information confidently by letter, more detailed and technical report formats, and respond to written requests conveying information, ideas and opinion in Welsh and English (help is available to check the work).

Job Description
Purpose of the post
• To ensure that the children and young people of Gwynedd and Ynys Môn are central to everything we do.

• Support educational needs for pupils with behavioural / emotional problems.

• Support educational needs at home for children that cannot attend mainstream school due to specific medical needs.

• Take responsibility for learning activities.

• Plan, prepare and introduce a wide curriculum along with the therapeutic curriculum for individuals or groups.

• Monitor, assess, record and report on the successes of these elements.

• Promote pupils' general progress and well-being in accordance with the provision's philosophy.

• Implement the Special Needs Practice Code in relation to supporting pupils.

• Ensure that the pupils engage with the work and make progress towards completing accredited courses.
Responsibility for functions
• General learning resources.

• IT equipment to support the pupils' learning
Main duties
Support for Pupils

• Support the Education of groups of pupils that are set aside by the Inclusive Education Leader.

• Plan challenging teaching and learning aims and adapt lesson plans/work as appropriate.

• Assess the pupils' needs and use detailed information and specialist skills to support the pupils' learning.

• Monitor and evaluate pupils' responses to learning activities through a range of strategic assessments and monitoring.

• Give objective and accurate feedback and reports, as required, reports on pupils' achievements, progress and other matters, to ensure that sufficient evidence is available.

• Administrate and assess/mark tests.

• Establish an operative, effective relationship with the pupils and act as a role model and set high expectations.

• Develop and implement Individual Educational Plans (IEP), Individual Behaviour Plans (IBP) and Individual Development Plans (IDP).

• Promote every pupil's inclusion.

• Support the pupils regularly by identifying their individual needs and responding to them.

• Encourage the pupils to interact and work collaboratively, where appropriate, with others and commit all of the pupils in activities.

• Promote independence and use strategies to identify and award achievement and self-reliance.

• Report thoroughly on the progress and achievement and provide a range of evidences and the level of progress and achievement.

• Asses, record and report on the pupils' achievements.

• Provide feedback for pupils in relation to progress and achievement.

• Report on pupils' progress to the schools and any relevant agency.

• Contact and communicate effectively with everyone relevant to the pupils as appropriate.

• Facilitate communication between schools, parents and other agiencies

• Ensure that all Health and Safety matters that are part of your responsibility are brought to the attention of the Line Manager.

• Being an operative part of drawing up risk assessments on pupils and teaching locations.

• Organising and managing an appropriate learning environment and resources.

• Implement the LEA's Equal Opportunities policy.

• Work within the discipline policy that was established to predict and manage behaviour constructively, promoting self-control and independence.

• Support the parents' role in teaching pupils and contribute towards/lead meetings with parents to provide constructive feedback about the pupil's progress/achievement etc.

• Produce lesson plans, work leaflets, plans, etc.

• Being aware and supporting difference, ensuring that every pupil has equal access to learning and development opportunities.

• If appropriate, attend pastoral meeting in the named schools.

• Possess a valid driving licence and use of a vehicle that conforms with Gwynedd Council's Travel Policy.

Support for the Curriculum

• Introduce learning activities for the pupils within an agreed supervised system, adapting the activities according to the pupils' responses/needs.

• Introduce local and national learning strategies e.g. literacy, numeracy, and making effective use of the opportunities provided in other learning activities to support the skills development of pupils.

• Use IT effectively to support leaning activities and develop pupils' competence and independence in its use.

• Select and prepare necessary resources to lead learning activities, taking into account the interests, language and cultural background of the pupils.

• Advise on a location and using specialist advice/resources/equipment appropriately.


• Responsibility for self-development.

• Ensure compliance with Health and Safety rules in the workplace in accordance with the responsibilities noted in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Council's Health and Safety Policy.

• Operate within the Council's policies in relation to equal opportunities and equality.

• Responsible for managing information in accordance with the Council's information management guidelines. Ensure that personal information is treated in accordance with Data Protection legislation.

• Commitment to reducing the Council's carbon emissions in accordance with the Carbon Management Plan, and to encourage others to act positively towards reducing the Council's Carbon Footprint.

• Undertake any other reasonable duty which corresponds to the salary level and responsibility level of the job.

• Responsibility to report any concern or suspicion that a child or vulnerable adult is being abused.
Special circumstances
• -