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About us

Careers Wales is the all age careers information, advice and guidance service for Wales.

Our Vision is to 'create a brighter future for the people of Wales' and our purpose is to:

  • Support young people and adults in Wales to create brighter futures
  • Give young people and adults access to high quality, impartial careers support
  • Make a positive impact on individuals' education, economic and wellbeing outcomes

We have developed 4 strategic goals to help us achieve our vision:

  1. To provide a bilingual, inclusive, impartial careers guidance and coaching service for the people of Wales
  2. To develop our work with employers, training providers and entrepreneurs to understand their skills requirements and opportunities for young people and adults
  3. To support delivery of the Curriculum for Wales and contribute to the achievement of the four purposes
  4. To develop a skill, engaged and agile Careers Wales workforce and enable the delivery of high performing, customer centred services

Each secondary school in Wales is linked to a support team which includes a Careers Advisor, whose role is to work with pupils to provide impartial and appropriate careers information, advice and guidance, a Business Engagement Advisor to forge and broker links with employers and a CWRE Curriculum Co-ordinator who can support teachers and practioners to embed Careers and Work-Related Experiences (CWRE) within the curriculum.

We also have centres and outreach venues across Wales, a telephone helpline, webchat and email. Visit our website for further information on how to contact us and for further support and resources for teachers and practioners



The Curriculum for Wales will bring forward several changes, one of which will be the implementation of Careers and Work-Related Experiences (CWRE) as a cross-cutting theme.

Settings will need to pay due regard to the statutory guidance for CWRE and ensure educational professionals are able to realise and embed CWRE across their curriculum. And all teachers, practioners , headteachers and governing bodies must ensure that CWRE is embedded across the curriculum.

In response to this, Careers Wales are offering support to teachers and practioners in all schools and settings through our Professional Learning offer, including but not limited to:

  • Introducing CWRE as a cross-cutting theme
  • Understanding the role of SLT's and Governing Bodies with regard to CWRE
  • Using Labour Market Information (LMI) to support and contextualise learning

We will also be offering a programme of webinars throughout the year, focusing on key topics to support school's understanding of careers education and its role within the new curriculum.