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About us

Young Enterprise and Young Money work directly with young people, their teachers, parents, businesses and influencers to build a successful and sustainable future for all young people.  We work in partnership with educators, volunteers and our supporters to provide meaningful opportunities for young people to develop an enterprising mindset in which to apply critical skills to navigate successful future pathways. Through our employability, enterprise and financial education programmes, resources and teacher training, we empower young people to discover, develop and celebrate their skills and potential.

The Wales Pathfinder project

The Teachable Moment

This free to access e-learning professional learning course is now available in English and Welsh and aligns with the new Curriculum for Wales. 

The course aims to build teachers’ knowledge and confidence in delivering effective financial education to learners and is targeted at educators working with young people at 'The Teachable Moment' which occurs at the point of transition from primary to secondary school.

The course offers:

  • Self-led, flexible online professional learning 
  • 2.5 hour course
  • Accessible by computer, tablet or smartphone, and can be completed remotely in as many sessions as needed 

Sign up for this FREE course here to begin your e-learning journey.

If you have any questions please contact Young Money by emailing

Money Mapping – Download Now!
The free Money Mapping resource engages learners in financial capability using real-life and relevant contexts and can be used to encourage investigation skills and problem solving, providing discussion opportunities around a number of financial themes, such as making choices, attitudes, value for money and risk.

Developed to align with the Curriculum for Wales, the resource can be delivered to support Areas of Learning and Experience in order to facilitate development towards the Four Purposes. These include:

  • Mathematics & Numeracy
  • Humanities
  • Health & Wellbeing

Available in both English and Welsh Money Mapping can be delivered flexibly at both upper primary and lower secondary stages, and is targeted at the key point of transition between these two. The accompanying PowerPoint can be used to support teachers’ delivery to their classes.

Our Resources in Welsh

Financial Education Planning Frameworks – Download Now!

The Planning Frameworks aim to support the planning, teaching, and progression of financial education by setting out the key areas of financial knowledge, skills and attitudes, across core themes for ages 3 – 11 and 11 – 19.

The frameworks aim to support the planning, teaching, and progression of financial education by setting out the key areas of financial knowledge, skills and attitudes, across four core themes:

  • How to manage money
  • Becoming a critical consumer
  • Managing risks and emotions associated with money
  • Understanding the important role money plays in our lives

The frameworks are designed to help you deliver financial education flexibly across your curriculum. It is not intended to be used rigidly.

Your Money Matters – Download Now!

Your Money Matters (Wales Edition) has been designed for use with young people age 14 – 16 in Wales and covers topics including spending and saving, borrowing, debt, insurance, student finance & future planning.

To view the Welsh version click here.

Funded by Martin Lewis, founder of, the original Your Money Matters textbook was sent to state funded English secondary schools in late 2018. With support from Martin Lewis and the Money & Pensions Service, we have now produced a Wales edition which can be downloaded in both Welsh and English.

A natural extension to the Financial Education Planning Frameworks, the student facing Textbook includes guidance on issues such as:

  • Saving and spending
  • Borrowing
  • Good and bad debt
  • Risk and rewards
  • Insurance
  • Investments
  • Future planning around student loans
  • Tax and national insurance

To provide additional support to teachers there is an accompanying Teacher’s Guide contained within the download which will highlight areas of good practice, provide examples of curriculum integration and showcase additional external support which schools could use to enrich their financial education provision. You can also download PowerPoint versions of each chapter of the Textbook for you to use in your lessons, or edit and tailor sections of content depending on the age and ability of your class.

Advisory Service

We offer a free advisory service which provides bespoke advice for those looking to implement financial or enterprise education into their curriculum. We are more than happy to assist with any queries and provide guidance of relevant and engaging ways to help your students' learning about money.

Please call us on 020 4526 6389, or send us an email at