We use our passion and enthusiasm for teaching and learning to drive quality improvement across all curriculum areas. We ensure rigorous quality assurance procedures are implemented and monitored. We provide strategic leadership and vision with regards to all aspects of curriculum and quality and ensure compliance with awarding organisations and quality improvement.

We manage the quality cycle in line with organisational priorities, Welsh Government requirements and the inspection areas of Estyn. We ensure quality improvement is holistic across all areas of the learner journey and senior management activity, to drive the performance of staff and enrich the learner journey. We support quality improvement through the monitoring and development of departmental Quality Development Plans and through the organisation’s self-evaluation report.

Our strong focus on quality assurance and enhancement ensures an excellent experience for our learners and supports them to achieve their full potential. We strive for continuous improvement and we work to strengthen and develop academic standards. We energise continuous professional development and support the growth of individuals to ensure sustained high performance.

We liaise closely with awarding bodies and co-ordinate quality assurance monitoring. We disseminate relevant information to colleagues to ensure ongoing compliance with awarding body systems and procedures.

We lead on ensuring ‘learner voice’ is embedded in all that we do, and that learners are involved in shaping teaching and learning. We are passionate about ensuring that all learners receive a first class experience and seeing the impact of our work for learners and outcomes is a hugely rewarding part of the job.


These may include:

  • Faculty Head / Managing quality at faculty/route level
  • Lead Internal Quality Adviser
  • Director of further education
  • Line management role
  • Moving between FE and WBL


A Quality Manager would require an appropriate academic qualification such as degree or equivalent Level 5 qualifications and/or extensive experience in FE / WBL and/or HE. Some managers may also obtain an internal quality assurance qualification (for example level 4 Training, Assessment and Quality Assurance (TAQA)) and/or a leadership and management qualification.


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  • strong communication skills
  • people management / line management skills
  • effective organisation and planning skills
  • report writing skills
  • ability to work collaboratively with colleagues
  • able to work effectively under pressure
  • attention to detail




  • ability to critically analyse data
  • confident and competent in the use of ICT
  • Welsh language skills - required levels will vary depending on the position but a commitment to the Welsh language (even if you are only developing your skills as a beginner) is expected across all roles
  • commitment to safeguarding learners and young people
  • commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion



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These may include:

  • Head of Quality or Continuous Improvement
  • Member of the executive team
  • Vice Principal
  • Principal

There are many transferrable skills acquired in this role that could be transferred to other educational roles e.g. awarding bodies, Welsh Government, Estyn