Cardiff Metropolitan University

Prifysgol Metropolitan Caerdydd
Higher Education Institution
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • Cardiff
  • All Wales
  • CF5 2YB
About us
Cardiff Metropolitan University, dating back to 1865,
is a driver of educational and social transformation,
a catalyst for innovation and the economy, and a
key contributor to inclusive and sustainable growth
locally, nationally and internationally.
In partnership with our students, staff and
stakeholders, we transform lives and communities
through high-quality, high-impact education
informed by cutting-edge research and innovation.
Our collaborative endeavours extend from our two
campuses in Cardiff to schools, colleges, business,
industry, charities, government and communities
locally, nationally and internationally, including
through our extensive trans-national education
partnerships. Our values guide our efforts and we
work with purpose, compassion and impact to
make economies more prosperous, societies fairer,
cultures richer, environments greener and
communities healthier.