• Location: Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, NP7 9LS
  • Subject: Midday Supervisor
  • Hours: Part Time
  • Contract: Permanent
  • Salary Type: Annually
  • Salary Range: £22,737 - £23,500
  • Language: English
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MIDDAY SUPERVISOR - Llanfoist Fawr Primary School

MIDDAY SUPERVISOR - Llanfoist Fawr Primary School

Monmouthshire County Council
The Purpose of this Role:-
To help maintain the safety of all pupils in either Foundation Phase or Key Stage 2 during the lunch break, ensuring those eating food in the school hall are able to do so in an orderly and conducive environment. To supervise learners during lunchbreak when outside, ensuring they are encouraged to play and get along.

Expectation and Outcomes of this Role:-
• Assist with setting up the school hall for lunch;

• Oversee pupils eating lunch in the school hall

• Assist in supervision of the school hall involving :-

 encouragement of good behaviour;
 correct use of cutlery and assistance where necessary;
 encouragement of good food habits and avoidance of waste;
 dealing with spillages or accidents requiring immediate attention

• Maintain effective relationships with pupils during structured playtimes

• Manage pupil relationships whilst supervising outdoors

Your responsibilities are to:-
• Work as part of a team to organise the hall for lunch by setting up tables, cutlery, drinks
• Support orderly entrance and exit to lunch hall
• Organise year grups to collect lunches from serving hatch
• Help pupils with opening food, pouring drinks, clearing plates, cutting food as needed
• Ensure pupils clear all food away from lunch tables
• Clear and wipe tables between servings and after servings
• Supervise pupils outside encouraging them to play together
• Initiate and support games
• Talk to pupils when there are disagreements or unfair play
• Manage pupil relationships
• Administer basic first aid
• Communicate effectively with clas teachers on a daily basis