• Location: Usk, Monmouthshire, NP15 1SE
  • Subject: Teacher
  • Hours: Job Share
  • Contract: Fixed Term
  • Start Date: 02 September, 2024
  • End Date: 11 April, 2025
  • Salary Type: Annually
  • Salary Range: £30,742 - £42,466
  • Language: English
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Class Teacher - Usk CiW Primary School

Class Teacher - Usk CiW Primary School

Monmouthshire County Council
Usk CiW Primary School is seeking a dedicated and enthusiastic part-time teacher to join our team. We are is committed to providing the best possible education for all our children. In this role, you will play a vital part in achieving this goal, working alongside a dedicated team of staff.
This is a temporary part-time position, offering a fantastic opportunity to:
• Make a real difference in the lives of young learners.
• Be part of a vibrant and supportive school community.

The Purpose of this Role:-
We are seeking to appoint an enthusiastic and flexible teacher with a passion for exciting, high quality learning who will -
• Undertake the duties of a Teacher in accordance with the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document, the Professional Standards for Teaching and other current educational legislation
• Share responsibility for a Year 3/4 class.
• Develop strong relationships with children, manage behaviour effectively and ensure high levels of wellbeing.
• Be responsible for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children within the school
Ultimately, we are looking for a committed professional with an uncompromising belief that all our children deserve an outstanding education regardless of their experiences. They will uphold our inclusive ethos and provide opportunities via support for all our children.

Expectation of this Role:-
As a talented teacher joining our dedicated staff team, we have certain expectations for this role. The successful candidate will:
• Be exciting and creative: We expect you to bring energy and creativity to your teaching, making learning enjoyable for every child. You should be able to come up with innovative and engaging learning opportunities that inspire children,
• Have high expectations: We believe in setting high standards for our learners, and we expect you to have the same mindset. You should be committed to helping every child achieve their full potential and be willing to go the extra mile to support their academic progress.
• Be a team player: We value teamwork and collaboration, and we expect you to be an active and supportive member of our staff team. You should be willing to contribute to the overall development of the school and be willing to work collaboratively with colleagues.
• Be an excellent communicator: We expect you to be able to effectively communicate with children, parents, and colleagues. You should be able to inspire and motivate children and be approachable and responsive to parents' queries and concerns.
• Be positive and forward-looking: We believe in maintaining a positive and forward-looking environment in our school. You should be optimistic, solution-oriented, and always looking for ways to contribute to the school's growth.
• Be reflective and keen to develop: We value reflective practitioners who are open to feedback and constantly strive to improve their pedagogy. We expect you to be reflective, self-aware, and committed to ongoing professional development to enhance your skills and knowledge.
• Ideally able to teach an additional language, including Welsh. We are committed to promoting multi-lingualism and diversity, and your ability to teach an additional language would be valued.