• Location: Ysgol Eifion Wyn, Porthmadog,
  • Contract: Permanent
  • Salary Type: Annual
  • Salary Range: £10,000.00 - £15,000.00
  • Language: Welsh

This job application date has now expired.

Supervisory Cleaner Caretaker - Eifion Wyn School

Gwynedd Council

Salary: GBP 12,947.00 - 13,162.00 per year

Job Advertisement

Gwynedd Council offers an attractive employment package, for more information please click on this Information Pack

Gwynedd Council operates internally through the medium of Welsh, and offers all its services bilingually. The applicant will be required to reach the linguistic level noted as one of the essential skills in the Person Specification.

We encourage everyone who applies for a job with Gwynedd Council to submit job applications in Welsh or bilingually.

( Applications submitted in English only or Welsh only will always be treated equally, but we ask applicants to consider carefully what the linguistic requirements of the job in question is and if it would be more appropriate to submit an application in Welsh.)

For further information about this post please contact Margaret Rosemary Hughes on 01286 679581

Interview date to be confirmed.

Application forms and further details available from Support Service, Gwynedd Council, Council Offices, Caernarfon, LL55 1SH

Tel: 01286 679076


CLOSING DATE: 10.00 AM, 18/06/24

The Council will request a Disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service for the successful candidate.

If you are successful to be short listed for an interview you will be contacted by E-MAIL using the address provided on your application form. You need to ensure that you check your email regularly.

If you would like support to apply, Gwaith Gwynedd is available to help Gwynedd residents get into work - for more information click here .

Person Specification
Personal attributesEssential
To be able to work as part of a team
Qualifications and relevant trainingEssential
Training in cleaning methods

Training in Health and Safety, e.g. moving and handling or first aid
Relevant experienceEssential
Experience of supervising staff

Experience of being employed as a cleaner.
Skills and specialist knowledgeEssential
Good interpersonal skills

Good communication skills
Language requirementsListening and Speaking - Entry
Able to pronounce the names of places and people correctly.Able to follow instructions and understand simple conversation through the medium of Welsh and English on familiar matters and respond to simple requests for information
Reading and Understanding - Entry
Able to read and understand short and simple letters, e-mails, leaflets, and signs in Welsh and English on familiar everyday issues, in order to convey them to someone else.
Writing - Entry
Able to write a simple message requesting or giving information about familiar everyday issues in the workplace.

Job Description
Purpose of the post
• Ensure that the people of Gwynedd are at the heart of everything we do.

• To supervise cleaning staff on site.

• To undertake, as part of a team, the cleaning of designated areas within the school premises to ensure that they are kept in a clean and hygienic condition.
Responsibility for functions
• Staff

• Equipment

• Building
Main duties

• In conjunction with the School Catering and Cleaning Team Leader to be responsible for ordering of cleaning materials as and when required.

• Cleaning of a specific area of the site and security of the premises at the end of the cleaning period.

• Supervise cleaning staff on site. This to include certifying job sheets.

Daily Tasks

• Confirming to day to day requirements of health and safety affecting staff and any other persons that visit or uses the site.

• Ensure that all cleaning staff follow good working practices in keeping with any Statutory Provisions and Gwynedd Council Policies.

• Supervising cleaning staff on the site. Allocating duties and working arrangements, training and countersign timesheets.

• Ensure that all members of the cleaning team have received induction training, health and safety training before starting work.

• Responsible for ensuring that appointment packs including application forms, right to work in the UK checks and DBS forms have been completed and returned to the Authority.

• Responsible for managing staff absences by completing sickness absence recording form SA1 and return to work interview form SA2.

• Unlock all gates and disable the alarm.Unlocking of entrance doors and all classrooms doors half an hour before the morning opening of the establishment as required by the Headteacher.

• During heating periods as specified by the headteacher, to ensure that the heating system is operating at the required level so as to ensure the required temperature is achieved by the time of opening of the establishment.

• When heating system is operated by automatic timing mechanism, ensuring that the system is operating as required before opening of the establishment.

• To report to the headteacher any fault or irregularities observed in individual heaters or in the general heating system.

• Cleaning and clearing of all outside covered areas, porches and hard-paved areas of potentially dangerous or unsightly litter e.g. empty cans, broken glass or bottles before children arrive at the premises.

• To purchase and distribute paper towels, toilet rolls and liquid hand soap throughout the establishment as required.

• Report to the headteacher any damage found to school property, defects in fittings or bad smelling drains etc, which cannot be attended to.

• At the close of the establishment to ensure that all lights are switched off and heaters/central heating systems are set at the correct stand-by setting as demanded by the prevailing weather conditions.

• Ensure that heaters etc are free of combustible materials.

• Close and secure main gates as appropriate at the end of the school day.

Periodic Tasks

• To maintain drain traps and gutters in a clean condition andclean grease traps weekly.

• Empty outside litter bins to plastic bags and dispose as with inside litter. Fit new plastic liners if provided. Empty blue recycle boxes into the recycle bin provided

• To monitor consumption of electricity, gas and water by whatever system the Council adopts. The present system involves the monthly recording of appropriate meter readings and calculating of monthly consumption on specially produced record cards.

• To maintain boiler houses in a clean and tidy condition and free of combustible materials.

• To maintain all hard surface play areas, delivery bays, parking areas, paths and roadways, L.P.G. gas compounds etc, free of weeds, loose stones and clear of all litter, e.g. glass, discarded tins and bottles, paper or other rubbish, leaves, grass cuttings etc and maintain in a tidy condition. To clear snow on pathways to main entrance as appropriate and to spread rock salt so as to maintain safe access areas during snow or icy conditions. Rock salt will be provided by the School.

• Replace light bulbs and fluorescent fittings if competent to do so.

• To open and close for evening lettings by mutual agreement.

• To undertake minor repairs e.g. boarding of small brokenwindows.

• To undertake weekly testing of fire equipment, taps, showers and water sprinkler if required.

• To undertake the work of monitoring Biomass system by emptying waste, if appropriate

• Responsibility for self-development.

• Ensure compliance with Health and Safety rules in the workplace in accordance with the responsibilities noted in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Council's Health and Safety Policy.

• Operate within the Council's policies in relation to equal opportunities and equality.

• Responsible for managing information in accordance with the Council's information management guidelines. Ensure that personal information is treated in accordance with Data Protection legislation.

• Commitment to reducing the Council's carbon emissions in accordance with the Carbon Management Plan, and to encourage others to act positively towards reducing the Council's Carbon Footprint.

• Undertake any other reasonable duty which corresponds to the salary level and responsibility level of the job.

• Responsibility to report any concern or suspicion that a child or vulnerable adult is being abused