• Location: Ysgol Hirael, Bangor,
  • Contract: Permanent
  • Salary Type: Annual
  • Salary: GBP 929.00 - 947.00 per year
  • Language: Welsh
  • Closing Date: 17 July, 2024 12:00 AM

This job application date has now expired.

Clerk to the School Governors Ysgol Hirael

Gwynedd Council

Salary: GBP 929.00 - 947.00 per year

Job Advertisement

Ysgol Hirael

(Cynradd Oedran 3-11)

Yn eisiau: (cyn gynted â phosib wedi hynny)

Clerc Llywodraethwyr

Telir cyflog ar GS2 pwyntiau 3-4 sef £929 - £947 y flwyddyn (pro rata) yn ôl profiad a chymhwyster ar gyfer y swydd Clerc Llywodraethwyr.


Paratoi ymlaenllaw cyn cyfarfod 3 awr bob cyfarfod

Cofnodion a gohebu wedi cyfarfod 7.5awr bob cyfarfod

Cyfarfod 2 awr

Cyfanswm oriau fesul cyfarfod 12.5awr

12.5awr x 6 cyfarfod = 75 awr

Gweinyddiaeth - DBS,buddiannau, Cyrsiau Llywodraethwyr, Etholiadau, Aelodaeth, Rhestr Polisiau

7.5 awr mewn blwyddyn

Gweinyddu =7.5 awr

Yn ychwanegol i hyn telir 2 awr ar gyfer hyfforddiant

Cyfanswm oriau = 84.5awr

Disgwylir i'r ymgeisydd fod â sgiliau cyfrifiadurol o safon uchel. Mae'r gallu i gyfathrebu'n effeithiol trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg a'r Saesneg yn hanfodol ar gyfer y swyddi yma.

Gwahoddir unrhyw rai sydd â diddordeb a/neu sydd angen gwybodaeth ychwanegol i drafod yn anffurfiol gyda'r Pennaeth, Mrs Linda Evans (Rhif Ffôn 01248 352 182) e-bost:

Mae ffurflenni cais ar gael i'w lawr lwytho ar dudalen Swyddi Dysgu ar wefan Cyngor Gwynedd ac i'w ddychwelyd i'r cyfeiriad isod:-.

Pennaeth Ysgol Hirael

Ffordd y Gogarth



LL57 1BA

Bydd y Cyngor yn gofyn am ddadleniad gan y Gwasanaeth Datgelu a Gwahardd ar gyfer yr ymgeisydd llwyddiannus.

(This is an advertisement for the post of a Governors Clerk at Ysgol Hirael, for which the ability to communicate through the medium of Welsh and English is essential).

Mae'r awdurdod hwn wedi ymrwymo i ddiogelu a hyrwyddo lles plant a phobl ifanc ac mae'n disgwyl y bydd pob un o'i staff a'i wirfoddolwr yn rhannu'r ymrwymiad hwn. This authority is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Gwynedd Council offers an attractive employment package, for more information please click on this Information Pack

Gwynedd Council operates internally through the medium of Welsh, and offers all its services bilingually. The applicant will be required to reach the linguistic level noted as one of the essential skills in the Person Specification.

We encourage everyone who applies for a job with Gwynedd Council to submit job applications in Welsh or bilingually.

( Applications submitted in English only or Welsh only will always be treated equally, but we ask applicants to consider carefully what the linguistic requirements of the job in question is and if it would be more appropriate to submit an application in Welsh.)

For further information about this post please contact Linda Evans on 01248 352182

Interview date to be confirmed.

Application forms and further details available from Support Service, Gwynedd Council, Council Offices, Caernarfon, LL55 1SH

Tel: 01286 679076


CLOSING DATE: 17/07/2024

The Council will request a Disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service for the successful candidate.

If you are successful to be short listed for an interview you will be contacted by E-MAIL using the address provided on your application form. You need to ensure that you check your email regularly.

Person Specification
Personal attributesEssential
The ability to co-operate and work as part of a team.

The ability to work and achieve set targets.

Effective communication skills and the ability to be proactive.
Qualifications and relevant trainingEssential
A sound educational background.

Level 2 or equivalent qualification.

The successful applicant is expected to complete the qualification/training for Governors' Clerks within one year of the appointment date.
A recognized qualification or previous experience in administration.

Previous attendance at governor training courses.
Relevant experienceEssential
Previous experience of taking minutes at meetings for committees, societies or clubs.
An awareness of the School Governance field.

Experience of working effectively with other workers at all levels.
Skills and specialist knowledgeEssential
Strong communication skills in Welsh and in English with the ability to communicate effectively.
A knowledge of the organization of School Governing Bodies.

Experience of using Microsoft Office software and the internet.
Language requirementsEssentialListening and Speaking - Higher Level
Able to follow a conversation or discussion through the medium of Welsh and English on a professional level and discuss general day to day topics in the field in order to present information and express opinions.Able to give a pre-prepared presentation and respond to any comments and questions on it in Welsh or English.
Reading and Understanding - Higher Level
Able to understand standard written Welsh and English; both formal and informal.Able to gather information from various sources such as letters, reports, articles through the medium of Welsh and English in order to fulfil the post.
Writing - Higher Level
Present written information confidently by letter, more detailed and technical report formats, and respond to written requests conveying information, ideas and opinion in Welsh and English (help is available to check the work).

Job Description
Purpose of the post
• Ensure that the people of Gwynedd are at the heart of everything we do.

• To provide clerical support to the School Governing Board.

• Administer and support the work of the governing body in accordance with authority guidelines, working effectively with the Chair of Governors and the Head teacher.
Responsibility for functions
• -
Main duties
• Collaborate with the Chairperson and Head Teacher on the agenda content for meetings, providing background papers for those meetings - five working days prior to the meeting.

• Prepare and send the agenda to members of the Governing Body - five working days prior to the meeting.

• Check with the Chairperson any matters acted upon between meetings and which need to be reported to the Governing Body.

• Attend meetings of the full Governing Body as well as the statutory sub-committees and take appropriate minutes (up to 6 meetings annually). The Clerk may claim payment for additional meetings and any meeting that runs over 2 hours.)

• It is statutory that a Governing Body holds at least one meeting of the full body per term.

• Formal Governor and Parents Meeting if required, following parent petition

• Statutory sub-committees if required for additional payment if 6 meeting have taken place

• Ensure that the Governing Body determines dates for meetings in advance and that this information is made known to the Local Authority (LA).

• Produce and send draft copies of the minutes to the Chairperson and Head Teacher before producing a finalized version to be sent to all members of the Governing Body and to the LA.

• Record Governors' attendance at meetings and notify any Governor who is at risk of being disqualified due to non-attendance.

• Keep a record of each Governor's term of office and contact the LA on occasions when a term of office ends or when there are resignations.

• Correspond on behalf of the Governing Body, as required.

• Keep in order all minutes, correspondence and other documents relating to the work of the Governing Body.

• Assist the Chair and Governing Body to prepare an Annual Report to Parents.

• Attend and take minutes at the Formal Governor and Parents Meeting if required.

• Assist the Governing Body to provide evidence for the Quality Awards for Governing Bodies.

• Attend courses organized for Governors' clerks, and complete the mandatory course for new clerks. Distribute information about training to the Governing Body, and keep a record of the governors' attendance.

• Keep a current record of all governors that need to attend mandatory training. And notify any governor who is at risk of being disqualified due to non-attendance of a mandatory course.

• The Clerk should ensure that Governors CRB Certificates are current and Declaration of Interest forms are completed annually.

• Responsibility for self-development.

• Ensure compliance with Health and Safety rules in the workplace in accordance with the responsibilities noted in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Council's Health and Safety Policy.

• Operate within the Council's policies in relation to equal opportunities and equality.

• Responsible for managing information in accordance with the Council's information management guidelines. Ensure that personal information is treated in accordance with Data Protection legislation.

• Commitment to reducing the Council's carbon emissions in accordance with the Carbon Management Plan, and to encourage others to act positively towards reducing the Council's Carbon Footprint.

• Undertake any other reasonable duty which corresponds to the salary level and responsibility level of the job.

• Responsibility to report any concern or suspicion that a child or vulnerable adult is being abused.
Special circumstances
• Required to work unsociable hours as Governing Body meetings are mainly held in the evening

• Required to minute at least 6 meetings annually, individual Governing Boards may require additional meetings at an extra cost

• Required to minute at sub-committees at an extra cost

• Required to minute at Formal Governor and Parents Meeting if required, following parent petition


• Preparation before meeting 3hrs per meeting

• Preparation of minutes and correspondence 7.5hrs per meeting

• Meeting 2 hrs

• Total hours per meeting 12.5hrs

• 12.5hrs x 6 meetings = 75 hrs per annum

• Annual Administration (7.5 hrs) - DBS, Governor Interests, Courses, Governor Elections and Nominations, Membership, School Policy lists

• Administration = 7.5 hrs

• In addition the annual wage includes 2 hours pay for training

• Total hours = 84.5 per annum


• 6 Governor meetings annually

• A Governor Meeting should last no more than 2 hours, should any meeting over-run-the Clerk may claim overtime.

• Should the Governing Board require the Clerk in any sub-panel or more that 6 meeting per annum, the Clerk can claim overtime.