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Adult Tutor

Adult Tutor

When did you become a tutor?
I started some 20 years ago. It wasn’t something I set out to do from the start. It was a happy accident that I fell into something that I enjoy and something that I am very good at. It fitted in nicely with my lifestyle at the time too, so that was naturally the ideal route for me to follow and I am very glad that it worked out that way!

What inspires you every day?
I love teaching people; it is what inspires me. I love to see people’s faces when they learn something new and they link pieces of information together, and the moment that everything becomes clear to them. Wales’ biggest treasure is the people and their talents, it is what is important and that is what inspires me.

What is the best thing about teaching?
My favourite thing about teaching is the opportunity to share information. I don’t want to be selfish and keep the information all to myself. I’m eager to share what I know. If I know something interesting about the language, the history of the language, the history of places, I want to pass that information on to someone in the hope that they will then pass it on to someone else.

What is your biggest achievement?
Without a doubt, my biggest achievement is the ability to teach through the medium of Welsh. I’ve moved on from being a Welsh learner to being fluent, and that ability to teach in Welsh is the most important achievement to me. Also, I’m very proud that other learners feel safe enough in my classes to be able to practice their Welsh, and that is quite an achievement too. It’s important to me that my students know that it is okay to start a sentence in Welsh, switch to English, and perhaps switch back to Welsh. It’s a safe space with no judgement. I respect them and appreciate what they have to offer, it’s up to me to ensure that they feel comfortable and confident.

How important is your role?
I think my role as an Adult Tutor is very important. It’s important to remind everyone of every age, every background and every ability that is it possible to get back into education and casual classes in a topic that is of interest to you is a great experience. Education doesn’t have to end forever when you leave school!

What would your advice be to someone who wishes to become an Adult Tutor?
Have a go! Sometimes, people say straight away, “Oh no, I can’t...” Well, you have to try! Everyone can communicate and everyone has information that they want to share. Learning to become a tutor is simply learning how to teach information efficiently and using your natural talents to do that. I think that everyone has something unique to offer as a tutor. There needs to be a variety of tutors teaching in different ways. Some tutors are quiet and thoughtful while others are noisy and full of humour. Lots of people have the ability to teach. Give it a try!