We are responsible for the overall strategic leadership of our organisation, ensuring it achieves its strategic aims and objectives, as determined by our Board.

We develop and implement progressive strategic plans for development and improvement and have overall responsibility for the continued development and growth of our provision. We ensure that both our short and long-term strategies are communicated to internal and external audiences.

We provide inspiring and authentic leadership and direction to ensure the achievement of our vision, mission and purpose, and to lead our organisation to a sustainable and strong future.

Our role involves a high level of responsibility, making pivotal decisions affecting the future of our organisation and employees.

We embed a culture of aspiration and achievement for all learners and staff. We demonstrate a commitment to the personal growth and development of staff and learners at all levels

We establish clear lines of responsibility for, and oversight of, all areas within our organisation. We effectively line manage, appraise and develop senior leaders and their portfolio responsibilities.

We lead and promote a culture of partnership working to raise aspirations and realise ambitions towards achieving outstanding success.

We play an effective role in the work of our Governing Body, both as a member of the Board and as the acting as the Governors key adviser on strategy and policy. We ensure that the Governing Body and its committees are kept fully informed of key aspects of performance, major developments and projects and that the college’s practices meet the standards of good governance.

We ensure all budgets and resources are managed effectively and appropriately and that there is an effective risk management system in place, enabling any risks to be evaluated, assessed and controlled in a way which ensures the future stability and reputation of our organisation.

We act as an ambassador for the organisation, to help maintain its positive image within our community and more broadly across the education sector. We build and maintain effective and mutually supportive links with key stakeholders at local, regional and national level in order to foster and strengthen these relationships and networks.

We communicate effectively to maintain and develop successful working relationships with sub-contractors. We oversee the implementation of comprehensive service level agreements and ensure these are reviewed regularly. We closely monitor sub-contractors’ performance to improve the learner experience.

We build and foster close working relationship with industry and the wider community, to ensure a sustainable future where training needs are demand led and not supply driven. We look for ways to widen opportunities for education within our community, driving forward both the commercial and educational success of our organisation.


These may include:

  • Operations Director
  • Managing Director
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Vice Principal


A Chief Executive would be expected to be qualified to degree level (or equivalent professional qualification), as well as holding a relevant management or professional qualification.


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  • highly effective communications skills
  • people management skills
  • critical thinking skills
  • the ability to encourage, motivate and inspire others
  • excellent analytical, problem solving, negotiating and decision-making skills
  • an effective strategic leader and manager
  • an effective organiser and planner
  • able to work effectively under pressure
  • excellent interpersonal and networking skills
  • deep commitment to improvement and excellence




  • strong business acumen and ability to network within education, business and policymaking circles
  • experience of high-level financial management
  • confident and competent in the use of ICT
  • Welsh language skills - required levels will vary depending on the position but a commitment to the Welsh language (even if you are only developing your skills as a beginner) is expected across all roles
  • commitment to safeguarding learners and young people
  • commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.




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These may include:

  • Chief Executive at a larger organisation – including transition to industry/commerce
  • Business/management consultancy
  • Vice principal/Principal within FE/HE
  • Advisory role to Welsh Government